Quality of Life and Working Conditions


Quality of Life and Working Conditions, this is the theme of this other important ongoing negotiation. It covers a very broad area: teleworking and hybrid working, prevention of Psychosocial Risks and professional disintegration, etc. The negotiations are far from over, but already well advanced on the teleworking and hybrid working aspects:

  • At the unanimous request of Trade Union Organizations, Management agrees to relax the rules of teleworking: disappearance of the notion of 3 days of presence per week, management over the month (while maintaining a monthly average of 2 days per week), opening to part-time employees < 80%.

  • Despite the unanimous request of the Trade Union Organizations, the Management refuses any financial support, whether in the form of equipment (large screen, keyboard, armchair), or participation in heating and electricity costs via a “teleworking package” .

  • Management presented a development plan for “Dynamic work spaces”, which is nothing other than the generalization of the Flex Office! Faced with vigorous protests from the CFDT and other trade union organizations, this subject should not appear in the agreement… which does not mean that it will not happen!

Note that the CFDT asked to open the debate on the “4-day week”, which we are talking about a lot at the moment, but encountered a categorical refusal from Management to talk about working time in the context of this negotiation. For Management, working time was negotiated in the RELOAD social status and will not be renegotiated in the short term