European Elections 2024 – on Sunday 9 June


Dear colleagues,

On 9 June, the 376 million citizens of Europe will go to the polls to elect their representatives to the European Parliament. It is they who will then be responsible for developing and implementing European policy over the next 5 years. This vote is therefore essential and decisive for building the Europe we want.

For the CFDT, it must continue to work for greater social justice, ecological transition and solidarity on 9 June,
let’s vote for EUROPE !


As a trade union, the CFDT does not give instructions to vote for or against a political party, but the CFDT is committed to strengthening social Europe! It highlights the many gains for employees resulting from European directives and texts, such as equality between the sexes, safety at work and the free movement of citizens. Europe is a real source of social advances, such as paid leave during sick leave, paternity leave and leave for carers, to name but a few.

The European Union is a vehicle for integration and social justice, even if we must recognise the need for reform and more ambitious action, particularly in the face of climate and technological challenges.

Europe must remain a place of democratic participation, defence of social progress, construction of the ecological transition and protection of the rights of employees and citizens.
The CFDT is therefore calling for a strong mobilisation and voter turnout!

Everyone can understand that the Europe we need will be built with voters who make a clear and committed choice, particularly as employees of Airbus, a historic and emblematic European company.

Best regards,

Your CFDT Airbus Commercial team