Changes payroll 2024


What changed on your payroll in January 2024?

Your payroll changed in January 2024, following the application of the new RELOAD social status and also the increase in the Monthly Social Security Ceiling (in French: PMSS). You have received from Management an explanation as to the form of the new pay slip (indication of the new classification, the annual hierarchical minimum, and PERO), you will find below explanations on the evolution of your gross monthly salary.

For all employees, the PMSS (Monthly Social Security Ceiling) increases from €3,666 to €3,864, which has an impact on the retirement contribution rate and the IPECA family contribution (health + welfare).

The change from 211 to 214 days for cadres employees causes a salary increase corresponding to the 3 additional days, i.e. 3/211 = 1.42%.

For employees who had 5 days of seniority in 2023 and benefited from hours of schooling in 2023 (children aged 3 to 16), the elimination of these hours of schooling is compensated by an increase corresponding to 0.5 days of salary, or approximately 0.24% increase in the basic monthly gross.

The removal of the holiday bonus of €58 is offset by an increase of 58/12 = €4.83 of the basic monthly gross (only for employees who benefited from it in July 2023).

The seniority bonus for “cadres”, which was paid each year in December, is now distributed monthly, its formula has also changed. The difference, if it is negative, is reinstated in the base salary.