Summary of the CSE-E of October 31, 2023


General situation of the company

October 12: new appointments as part of the new group governance.

This is a first step. Implementation in project mode from January 1, 2024.

The objective of 720 aircraft delivered is achievable (if 80 deliveries per month).

Accidents on the rise

  • Commuting accidents represent 44% of work stoppages.
  • Work accidents are due to falls on the same level (36.6%) and work postures (20%).

2022 report on the employment and integration of people with disabilities within Airbus SAS

  • Disability Week, which took place in November 2022, brought together 1,200 participants. It will be renewed in November 2023, many other awareness activities have taken place.
  • With 40 people hired in 2022 (all types of contracts combined), the objectives of the agreement (24 hires) were exceeded but not the internal objectives which were 50.
  • Airbus still does not reach 6% even if the rate is increasing (4.08% for 2022).
  • Indirect employment: subcontracting to the protected sector is increasing to €32 million. the objective for 2023 is €55M.
  • RQTH: (Recognition of the Quality of Disabled Workers): 20 new applications and 22 renewals.

PLEASE NOTE: processing times for RQTH files at the Departmental House for Disabled Persons (MDPH) have increased from 3 months to a year!

Evolution of the organization of the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department

  • Context :
    • Ramp up,
    • Run mode PS@W,
    • Prevention (2021 law),
    • Societal expectations, growing importance of environmental subjects
    • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility),
    • One EHS governance,
  • Objectives:
    • Uncompromising ramp-up
    • Regulatory conformity
    • Consolidate the culture of prevention
  • Principle of the new organization
    • EHS Business Partners in smaller sectors. Front office supporting delegates.
    • Environment & Health &Safety specialists supporting EHS BP
    • Clear overall EHS governance
    • Anticipatory load and performance management.
  • changes
    • No change for EHS specialists (HHFS), Operational Environment (HHFE) and Occupational Health (HHFM).
    • Establishment of a governance team (HHFI): steering governance, delivering requirements, measuring performance and implementing continuous improvement.
    • Merger of the EHS BP teams of the 2 OPS / SAS entities (HHFT): assess risks, prevent and monitor / control.
    • 1 person to coordinate initiatives to achieve ISO 45001.
    • New Health Promotion team: anticipate, evaluate, communicate
  • Deployment in early 2024

Although the project is coherent and well structured, the number of employees necessary to operate this new organization has not been defined. The CFDT hopes that the grouping of the SAS and OPS teams will not be the excuse for not giving this department the resources it needs. The hiring of the 3rd doctor is an example. At iso-effective, this development will only remain wishful thinking.

The CFDT requested the establishment of a monitoring commission.