The best wage policy… for management!


Comparison of the CFDT’s demands and the management’s “generous” bonus:

CFDT ClaimWage policy from 01/07/23 to 30/06/24 Comments
GA8,9% in July2% en July (minimum 100€)For non-managers, the “mini 100€” is imposed by the 4.5% increase in the non-managerial minimum wage scale in the metallurgy sector and should be added to the budget dedicated to the GA
 in July

 in September Minimum 40€ and Minimum 80€ for non-managers
The reduction of the minimum for managers certainly makes it possible to increase the number of employees, but with an amount that is much lower than the inflation rate
Specific budgetFor promotions1.6% to cover the minimum of 100€ GA and 50% of the minimum of the new convention scale

As bonuses are not considered as salary increase, they are not included in this table.

Even with all of the IAs, employees will suffer a loss of purchasing power exceeding 5%.

Inflation: INSEE consumer price index – Baseline 2015 – All households – France – All items excluding tobacco. Publication in the OJ

At the same time, the Management

– pays 1.2 billion euros in dividend (equivalent to 10% of the Airbus Group payroll)
– repurchases 1 billion euros of shares (equivalent to 8% of the payroll) to destroy them in order to artificially increase the share price and the associated dividends.

(Airbus SE – IFRS Consolidated Financial Information)